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Depressive Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Panic Disorder | OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Eating Disorders (Anorexia/ Bulimia) | Body Image/ Self Esteem Issues | Personality Disorders | Psychotic Illnesses | Bereavement | Relationship Therapy | Self-Harm/ Suicidal Ideations | Aggression/ Anger Management | Managing difficulties in the workplace | ADHD | Adolescent emotional and psychological disorders | Bullying and school difficulties | Supportive psychotherapy | Psychotropic medication prescription and supervision

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Counselling is a type of ‘talking therapy’ where people come to talk about their problems and life concerns in a safe confidential setting with a caring professional.


Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional, psychological and behavioral disorders.


Learn how to acquire the skills that are both essential and necessary for discovering your own pathway towards happiness and fulfilment in today’s world.

Wellness at Work

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work.

About us


LifeWorks Foundation has been created as part of the vision of LifeWorks to further support personal growth through emotional wellness and holistic mindful practices. For over 8 years, LifeWorks has provided care with compassion, authenticity and conscious mindful awareness.

LifeWorks currently run two centres – LifeWorks Personal Development Training Centre licensed by the KHDA and LifeWorks Holistic Counselling Centre licensed by DHA.

LifeWorks Personal Development Training Centre offers personal development growth and self-awareness training for individuals, small and large groups to learn how to acquire the skills that are both essential and necessary for discovering happiness and fulfillment in today’s world. In addition to providing personal services, LifeWorks has expanded its services to the workplace. This includes Inclusive Leadership, Coaching, Communication, Authentic Customer Service and Mindfulness as well as techniques to build resilience in the workplace.

LifeWorks Holistic Counselling Centre has a team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists and Counsellors to provide quality community wellness services. Our philosophy of caretakers into consideration ,the physical, emotional and social aspects of a whole individual. Our aim is to provide a level of care unsurpassed in the Region to all of our clients.









We partner in your Emotional Health,
Wellness and Personal Growth

Our Experts Team


Johanna Griffin
Johanna Griffin
Client Coordinator

Hello – I’m Johanna I am from the UK and have studied in London and Scotland. In Scotland, I worked ...

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Dr. Anna Grazia Lecca
Dr. Anna Grazia Lecca
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Anna Grazia Lecca is an Italian trained Psychologist with a UK training in Clinical Psychology. She has more than ...

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Dr. Shankar S. Kuchibatla
Dr. Shankar S. Kuchibatla
Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director

Dr Kuchibatla is a British trained Psychiatrist. He has been a member of Royal College of Psychiatrists, U.K. since 2010. ...

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"One of our students had testing done through LifeWorks for ADHD and I have been told that the report and the information contained is excellent-very thorough and expertly done"
“I am very impressed and look forward to coming again. Doctor is so friendly, warm and receptive”
“You helped me rediscover me and I am totally loving it. Really you have changed my life for good of course. I didn't use to believe people can have depression. Though I knew I was not ok, I was not ready to accept to take medicine to change myself but really I can see what the difference is. God bless you for making difference in people's life which they don't even know they are having an issue. I can like and love people now and can even challenge tough situations without blaming myself. Thanks a lot, doctor”
Employees of my organization thanks LifeWorks for standing with them during their difficult times and I recommend LifeWorks employee assistance program to all small large corporates. Kudos to the team.
Paul Sumringah
The workshop at LifeWorks has mindfulness as its core, that is the USP that training is missing in current times.
Gerrald Pangkali
Every session with my psychologist changed my life, I thank LifeWorks team for their highly professional behavior and excellent world class approach, keeping humanity alive.
Christina Lombo
I have been able to deal with core issue, improve on them and allowing me to improve my thought process
The session have really been helping, I have been able to dig deep and indentify key areas that need development
Excellent triage service, keep up the good work
Fantastic services
Thank you for taking care of us, I will definitely recommend this place to my friends
It was really helpful and very good overall. Team is very kind, supportive and logical
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