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In my work I always look at why people lie – we lie for a reason (we do everything for a reason!) and it isn’t useful to just tell someone to stop lying! Find out why and tackle that issue!

Stress! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer All stress isn’t

Emotional Empowerment – getting a grip on Thinking, Feeling and Behaving! By Elmarie

Anger!! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer 1. Why are

Self Esteem Self-esteem is usually experienced through professional and personal achievement. Having a

Self Esteem Women often talk about having low or no self-esteem. Many do

Self Stress and Change Our modern world changes so rapidly that many of

Notions of Manhood Recently, I read a comment online by a man who

Course Description When you have healthy self worth you value and respect who

We are misnamed. We call ourselves Homo sapiens, the “wise man,” but that’s

Have you ever found yourself in a one-sided relationship where you felt as

Article By our Senior Psychologist Dr. Marie Thompson of LifeWorks Holistic LifeWorks Counselling

Dr Marie Thompson, Senior Clinical Psychologist at LifeWorks Counselling & Training quoted in

Dr. Marie Thompson, our Senior Clinical Psychologist talks about effects of nicotine on

The aim of couple therapy is to facilitate a relationship for a couple;

Homesickness – Come home to yourself! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal

What is Emotional Empowerment? Emotional vulnerability is reflected in stormy, shallow, deteriorating or

Modern Life Makes the Fear of Missing Out Very Prevalent – Testing Modern

Occasional anxiety is not only normal, but it is an adaptive response that

Surely all parents want the best for their children so that they can