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Have you thought about how well you communicate with other people? How your body language and what you are saying

No sleep, no appetite, no enthusiasm for what’s happening around you? Maybe you’re in love, and congratulations are in order!

Most of us can vouch that being a teenager was one of the hardest and confusing times of our lives.

Being a parent is perhaps the most rewarding role one can have. It makes you feel complete, adds to your

The simple answer is: Yes, it can. To the extent where it might even require professional intervention. True, in a

“Emergence and variable persistence of group of symptoms following a head injury” King (1997). Concussion is a temporary injury to

Sleep, that beautiful thing most of us do (or should be doing) for 7-8 hours every night (with the exception

In my work I always look at why people lie – we lie for a reason (we do everything for a reason!) and it isn’t useful to just tell someone to stop lying! Find out why and tackle that issue!

Stress! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer All stress isn’t bad! Eustress can help to initiate change;

Emotional Empowerment – getting a grip on Thinking, Feeling and Behaving! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer

Anger!! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer 1. Why are some people more prone to anger than

Self Esteem Self-esteem is usually experienced through professional and personal achievement. Having a successful career or relationship or reaching personal

Self Esteem Women often talk about having low or no self-esteem. Many do so because they say they feel something

Self Stress and Change Our modern world changes so rapidly that many of us feel in a permanent state of

Notions of Manhood Recently, I read a comment online by a man who said, “Its not so easy to be

Course Description When you have healthy self worth you value and respect who you are, express yourself confidently and know

What is Prescription Drug Addiction? A prescription drug addict uses medications in a way other than for which they were

By Caroline Ryan BBC News Online health staff EFFECT OF ALCOHOL ON THE BODY   Absorption of information restricted; memory

What is binge drinking? Alcohol is the most widely used recreational drug. We have a culture of socially accepting the

Do you have problems with alcohol in Dubai? Often people will turn to alcohol because of stress or a lack

We are misnamed. We call ourselves Homo sapiens, the “wise man,” but that’s more of a boast than a description.

Have you ever found yourself in a one-sided relationship where you felt as if you were the one doing all

When Controlling Food Becomes your own Cheer-Leader Eating disorders are serious emotional and physical problems that can have life-threatening consequences

Children’s Mental Health is an essential part of children’s overall health. It has an interactive relationship with their physical health,

The aim of couple therapy is to facilitate a relationship for a couple; this may involve a number of factors,

Homesickness – Come home to yourself! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer What is homesickness? Homesickness can

What is Emotional Empowerment? Emotional vulnerability is reflected in stormy, shallow, deteriorating or unsatisfying and destructive relationships. Dr Pieter van

The circadian rhythm is the body’s way of regulating the human wakefulness and sleep cycle. When this system is working

High parenting ideals often come crashing down around your ears when your much-longed-for-children. Article Agency: The National Location: Dubai Published

Malabar Gold and Diamonds supported the event by supplying free medicine for the workers. Agency: Gulf News Location: Dubai Published

As market economics go the unpredictable way and money matters get more complicated. Agency: Khaleej Times Location: Dubai Published Date:

Low income workers are given free medical tests at the Indian Consulate in Dubai. Agency: Uae-News Location: Dubai Published Date:

Tennis lessons on Sunday, piano on Mondays, football on Tuesdays, drama classes on a Wednesday… you get the idea. Agency:

Modern Life Makes the Fear of Missing Out Very Prevalent – Testing Modern life equals instant and easy accessible contact

We don’t often think of loneliness as a feeling one experiences in a marriage or a relationship. We often confuse

Don’t give up giving up. Smoking remains the world’s major preventable cause of early death. Reductions in smoking behavior have

Surely all parents want the best for their children so that they can be equipped for life, but good intentions

For most people a romantic relationship is the very center of their lives. It provides deep personal fulfilment, feeling of