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A person’s happiness is by how much they enjoy their work. When working

Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar from LifeWorks talks us through the ethics of social

In an earlier blog, we discussed about how communication is the key that

Podcast – Radio- dudbaieye103.8 – Topic: Phone Detox Phone Detox – Dr. Kirin

When a client comes in to see me, one of the first questions

Depression, like most other conditions, can manifest in varying intensity and scope. The

“I don’t know why you say you’re depressed! You’ve nothing to feel sad

For a while now, you have felt this great weight on your shoulders.

Be they expensive mobile phones, play stations, iPads, a kindle, laptops, cars or

It’s a Thursday night; midnight, in fact. Your almost-fourteen has been in her/his

Gratitude is most often felt by people when a tragedy strikes and they

While actively listening to a person, you nod your head to indicate that

Drive Live Talks Cyberstalking. Dr. Kirin Hilliar, psychologist at Lifeworks in Dubai, tells

In recent years, as technology has become more advanced and accessible, there has

Understanding why we need to stay away from toxic people is the first

Why do you think couples struggle with being 100% honest? Unrealistic expectations It

Dr Anna Grazia Lecca, clinical psychologist at LifeWorks, suggests that parents should set

Both parents are essential

A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Mental Health Care in Kuwait

Public speaking anxiety

Talk on ADHD

Depending on the age children may develop a subsequent phobia towards leaving a

When was the last time you were in public and saw a child

Article By our Senior Psychologist Dr. Marie Thompson of LifeWorks Holistic LifeWorks Counselling

Dr Marie Thompson, Senior Clinical Psychologist at LifeWorks Counselling & Training quoted in

Dr. Marie Thompson, our Senior Clinical Psychologist talks about effects of nicotine on

Stress can cause acne and other skin problems Stress and anxiety are “common”

The counselor workshop aimed at providing trainings and lectures that are necessary to

Lifeworks Counselling & Training UAE team is honored to take part at the

A recent Huffington Post columnist sparked an online debate, with her 10 reasons