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Sleep, that beautiful thing most of us do (or should be doing) for 7-8 hours every night (with the exception

In my work I always look at why people lie – we lie for a reason (we do everything for a reason!) and it isn’t useful to just tell someone to stop lying! Find out why and tackle that issue!

Stress! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer All stress isn’t bad! Eustress can help to initiate change;

Emotional Empowerment – getting a grip on Thinking, Feeling and Behaving! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer

Anger!! By Elmarie van Heerden – LifeWorks Personal Development Trainer 1. Why are some people more prone to anger than

Self Esteem Self-esteem is usually experienced through professional and personal achievement. Having a successful career or relationship or reaching personal

Self Esteem Women often talk about having low or no self-esteem. Many do so because they say they feel something

Self Stress and Change Our modern world changes so rapidly that many of us feel in a permanent state of

Notions of Manhood Recently, I read a comment online by a man who said, “Its not so easy to be

Course Description When you have healthy self worth you value and respect who you are, express yourself confidently and know