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(EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE leads to motivation,empathy, self awareness, self regulation and social skills.
These inturn improves academic skills, motivation to succeed, and commucation skills with others. Socially it also reduces misbehaviour, increases resolution of conflicts, increases trust and sharing and respect for other peoples opinions. )
The construct of emotional intelligence (EI) refers to a distinct group of mental abilities, in which individuals

  1. Perceive, appraise and express emotions
  2. Use emotions to facilitate thinking
  3. Understand the antecedents and consequences of emotions
  4. Regulate emotions in self and others

EI helps in different aspects in the following ways:


Children become able to use emotional communication to express clear nonverbal messages about social situations and relationships. They also develop empathic involvement in others’ emotions. Further, they display complex social and self-conscious emotions, such as guilt, pride, shame and contempt, in appropriate contexts.

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Children begin to regulate emotions in productive ways – showing awareness of their feelings, monitoring them and modifying them when necessary, so that emotions aid, rather than impede, coping in varying situations.

Life Works offers a 6 weeks emotional intelligence training programme which will help your child lead a happier life. Our programme involves:

  1. 6 weeks
  2. Importance of healthy eating
  3. Importance of honesty , organization, parental respect, social rules
  4. Self esteem
  5. Why bullying is bad
  6. Sensitivity towards other children
  7. Accepting children with disabilities
  8. Learning gratitude