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At LifeWorks, we believe that is not only children who need counselling, but sometimes parents as well. The reason for this is because as parents you will be dealing with your child the most and hence learning some good tools to equip you with a better way to think, behave and train your child will be helpful. Moreover, having an objective understanding of strengths and weaknesses of your approach to parenting would really help you get the best out of parent therapy. We have two tools for parents specially assessing some essential domains such as parental stress, parent-child relationship, parental attitudes towards their child, parents’ role in the family structure etc.

Parent-Child Relationship

Parenting Child Relationship Inventory

Suitable for: Parents of Children between 3-15 years
Administration Time: 40 mins

The Parent-Child Relationship Inventory assesses parents’ attitudes toward parenting and toward their children. It explicitly measures the attitudes of both mothers and fathers. Your Psychologist will guide you through answering the questions that are listed in this questionnaire. Some items present general attitudes towards being a parent, and others are intended to elicit responses specific to a parent’s relationship with a particular child. The items are arranged in scales that reflect major features of parenting and the parent-child relationship.

Parenting Stress

Parenting StressIndex-4th Edition

Suitable for: Parents of children between 1-12 years of age
Administration Time: 60 mins

The PSI measures stress in the relationship between you and your child based on your perception of the child’s characteristics, your personal characteristics as a parent and the interaction between you and your child. It is very helpful in evaluating the magnitude of stress in the relationship between you and your child. It is commonly used as a screening measure for identifying issues that may lead to problems in the child’s or parent’s behaviour.The PSI helps your Psychologist identify specific problem areas and strengths in relation to the child, you as the parent as well as the family system.

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