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Personality is such a vital aspect of our self-concept, it is what makes us who we are and guides us to think, behave and perceive life events differently. Understanding specific personality characteristics within ourselves can prove beneficial. Especially during the therapeutic process, your Psychologist may recommend that you do a Personality assessment in order to better understand your coping styles to certain situations as well as to help you improve areas of your personality that may be hindering you from having good relationships or be productive at work. We have a number of personality assessments that are often administered if you are:

  • Seeking career advice
  • Having conflicts in your work-relationships
  • Couples who undergoing marital stress
  • Experiencing psychological distress
  • Facing trauma related concerns

We have the following assessments available at our Centre.

Psychologist-rated paper pencil tests

Millon’s Clinical Multiaxial Inventory, 4th Edition (MCMI-4)

Suitable for: Adults between 18-90
Administration Time: 30 mins

The MCMI-4 is a paper-pencil personality questionnaire that helps you understand the most dominant aspects of your personality that has been guiding your thinking, behaving and decision-making skills. It is easy to understand and has questions that relate to a real-life situation where you are asked to state whether this situation best relates to you. The results from this test will be discussed by your Psychologist during therapy session. Your Psychologist will go through each of your scores and help you understand your coping styles as well as the areas where you can change. Based on your understanding of these personality scores, the therapy will then be guided to specifically address the areas within your personality which have been identified as a challenge. Apart from this, if you wish to undertake the MCMI to gain insight into your personality, you may ask for one too.

Projective Tests to Assess Personality

Projective personality tests are often used when your Psychologist wants to gain more information about your need. It is different from a standard paper pencil test as you will be presented with a series of pictures of various life-situations and asked to state how you would best explain what’s happening in the situation.

Rorschach Inkblot Test

Suitable for: Individuals between 5-90
Administration Time:40 mins

The Rorschach Inkblot test consists of 10 picture cards that would suggest an ambiguous scene which will be interpreted by you according to the way you perceive the scenes. It helps you gain insight into a psychological distress if you have difficulty articulating the problem to your Psychologist. It is a good tool to rule out whether you are undergoing some psychological distress.

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