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How to Prepare for your first Visit

This includes coming up with how severe the incoming patient’s condition is, how to respond or treat, and how quickly the treatment ought to be administered. Mental health triage in Dubai could be particularly applicable for people resorting to subsidized care or approaching clinics on a walk-in basis.

The first appointment should last for about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes. You will be supported through this visit by client coordinator and reception staff at LifeWorks. You will be asked to complete paper work mainly registration form and a consent form as per LifeWorks policy. If you would prefer to speak to Psychiatrist before you feel comfortable to sign the consent form please inform the client coordinator.

You will be requested to complete screening questionnaire which should not take more than 5 minutes , please feel free to discuss with client coordinator if you prefer to have further discussion with the Psychiatrist to complete the questionnaires.

Further, a nurse will escort you to nurses room where you will have your blood pressure and pulse rate and other parameters measured. It may sound bit clinical , however it always good to have an insight in to these values. Also it is a requirement to have base lines measurements as you may be prescribed medications as part of one of the outcomes of this consultation.

You will have an opportunity to relax in the waiting area very briefly before the doctor starts the consultation

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