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Depressive Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Panic Disorder | OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Eating Disorders (Anorexia/ Bulimia) | Body Image/ Self Esteem Issues | Personality Disorders | Psychotic Illnesses | Bereavement | Relationship Therapy | Self-Harm/ Suicidal Ideations | Aggression/ Anger Management | Managing difficulties in the workplace | ADHD | Adolescent emotional and psychological disorders | Bullying and school difficulties | Supportive psychotherapy | Psychotropic medication prescription and supervision

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The LifeWorks has a vision to expand its operations to different parts of the world starting with the UAE, keeping the same ethos and values at every location.

LifeWorks has been founded with a unparalleled vision to support and nurture personal growth through emotional wellness and holistic mindful practices. For over 8 years, LifeWorks has provided care with compassion, authenticity and conscious mindful awareness.

LifeWorks currently has a dedicated mental (emotional) health centre– LifeWorks Holistic Counseling Centre , which has been licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Community Development Authority (CDA).

LifeWorks Holistic Counselling Centre has a team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists and Counsellors to provide quality community wellness services. Our philosophy is to mainly focus and work on our clients’ physical, emotional and social aspects. Our aim is to provide unsurpassed level of care to everybody, working closely with their inner emotional challenges.

We also provide all types of Comprehensive Assessments, Psycho-educational Assessment, ADOS(Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule ), Speech, Occupational and Behavior Therapies. We believe in Holistic well-being of an individual going through mental health difficulties and provide specialist services mainly Neurology, Pediatrician working towards common goal of providing world class mental health support to the community.

Doctors Profile

Dr. Girish Banwari

Specialist Psychiatrist

Dr. Girish Banwari is a psychiatrist with over 10 years’ clinical experience in both government and private settings in specialised psychiatry clinics as well as tertiary care, multispeciality hospitals. He has worked as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at reputed medical colleges in India for three years, and was extensively involved in teaching undergraduate medical students along with being a faculty member of the postgraduate psychiatry training program.

Dr. Khadijatou


Dr Khadija is a board-certified pediatrician and a member of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, UK. She is experienced pediatrician having worked in pediatrics and neonatology in the Dubai Health Authority tertiary hospitals (DHA).

Dr. Nafeesa Alwathaifi

General Practitioner

Dr Nafeesa M. Alwathaifi is a senior general practitioner with twenty-five years’ experience in medicine and surgery across government and private sector medical institutions in Dubai. In addition to her MBBS degree, Dr Alwathaifi is also a Science graduate with diploma in Personal Nutrition, she also has Masters in Health sciences and Health Management.


Sailaja Menon

Counseling Psychologist

I am an American-trained Counseling Psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience in the field of Mental Health, Counseling, training, teaching and supervision.I am an American of Indian-origin, born in Malaysia and spent childhood there before moving to India where I spent most of my formative years. I have lived and worked in US, India, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia.

Jyotika Aggarwal

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Jyotika Aggarwal is a clinical psychologist with extensive training from premier mental health institutions across India and the USA. In her seven years’ experience as an emotional health practitioner, she has helped clients of varied age groups to address a broad spectrum of concerns.

Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar


Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar is an Australian psychologist experienced in Forensic, Clinical and Organisational Psychology.
Passionate about empowering and enabling clients to better understand and take control of their own lives, she delivers one-on-one and group treatment programs, as well as training courses, community outreach, and psycho-educational seminars and workshops.

Dr. Anna Grazia Lecca

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Anna Grazia Lecca is an Italian trained Psychologist with a UK training in Clinical Psychology. She has more than 20 years of experience in health and clinical settings working with a variety of clients. Dr Anna Grazia Lecca works towards achieving a steady emotional balance and a progressive life transformation in a gentle process that focuses on the energy of acceptance and compassion and on the power of forgiveness and love.

Resha Erheim


Ms. Resha, is a counsellor at LifeWorks Holistic Counselling Centre. She is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and a member of the Canadian Counsellor and Psychotherapy Association. She is also licensed as a Social Counsellor from Community Development Authority in Dubai. Having worked in Canada, Kuwait and Dubai, she brings with her extensive multicultural experience in clinical and educational settings.