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Depressive Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Panic Disorder | OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Eating Disorders (Anorexia/ Bulimia) | Body Image/ Self Esteem Issues | Personality Disorders | Psychotic Illnesses | Bereavement | Relationship Therapy | Self-Harm/ Suicidal Ideations | Aggression/ Anger Management | Managing difficulties in the workplace | ADHD | Adolescent emotional and psychological disorders | Bullying and school difficulties | Supportive psychotherapy | Psychotropic medication prescription and supervision

What if workplace support group wasn’t simply another session that you “have to” attend? What if there instead was a space created where meaningful conversations exist, where learning founded in psychological and behavioral understandings are shared, and practical application is supported and relevant?

Any organisation is the sum of its people, brought together by their shared purpose, values and vision. LifeWorks has expanded its personal development support group into working with businesses, leaders and teams who would like to explore their roles in creating a positive and productive work culture. The foundation of our support group lies in the roots of mindfulness and how we can apply this not only to the practical daily work we do, but also how we approach articulating our own purpose

We have a range of impactful open programs that we run each Sunday at our villa. We invite anyone who would like to attend these one or two day sessions to join us and not only learn but become part of a community of like-minded professionals in Dubai, exploring a more mindful workplace together. For organisation specific support group we create bespoke experiences of our licensed support group by consulting with your business and making sure that what is facilitated is what your team need most. Our creative and experienced team will be so happy to work with you on leadership, coaching, resilience, communication, or authentic service and connecting with your customers.

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