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Johanna Griffin

Hello – I’m Johanna

I am from the UK and have studied in London and Scotland. In Scotland, I worked in a rehabilitation centre for over 7 years where I gained an addiction counselling qualification. In Edinburgh, I completed a family therapy course on family systems. This has given me skills in family dynamics and counselling skills.

I have also completed a life line course which involved communications and counselling skills in South Africa.

I have worked in the National Health Service as a specialized counselor and educator in London. At Imperial College, London University I completed a Post graduation degree in Drugs and Alcohol: Policy and Intervention (theories of counselling). I have attended many counselling courses in the past 10 years which include motivational interviewing, reality therapy, brief therapy, and Family therapy.

  • Over 20 year of experience in doing workshops on Addiction
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Life Skills
  • Grief issues
  • Student Personal Development
  • Harm Reduction
  • Substance Abuse
  • Dependency
  • Family issues

I have given university and school lectures on the specialized topics on Awareness and Interventions on substance misuse. I have had the unique opportunity to work in many different countries including Indonesia, South Africa, UK and Dubai which gives me a very good understanding of many diverse cultural and beliefs.

Through our workshops, we help clients identify the behavior problems and patterns associated with their addiction and work with individuals, families or groups of people who are somehow connected to the same problem. Unique programs have been developed specifically for the treatment of expatriates and young adults.

All our treatment programs are built by a professional to help facilitate the effective treatment of clients

We promise confidentiality, safety, and comfort at our Centre.