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Jyotika Aggarwal

Jyotika Aggarwal

Clinical Psychologist


Jyotika Aggarwal

Ms. Jyotika Aggarwal is a clinical psychologist with a working experience of 7 years. She has worked in a variety of mental health setups with a wide spectrum of concern.

Her strength lies not just in assessment and therapy, but in amalgamating therapies to suit the needs of her clients. Her unconditional positive regard and caring adds to her therapeutic process.

Her empathetic understanding sensitizes her towards her clients’ inner turmoil. Her belief that everyone deserves to lead the best life they can, drive her passionately towards achieving the set therapeutic goals .

Education & Certification:
  • M.A in Clinical Psychology- University of Mumbai. (India)
  • Specialization in RE-CBT- Albert Ellis Institute, New York.- Indian Affiliation.
  • Certification in REBT with Anxiety and Depression with Children- Albert Ellis Institute, New York.- Indian Affiliation.
  • Diploma in Human Recourses- Welingkar Institute of Management. (India.)
  • Dubai Health Authority Licensed (DHA Licensed)
  • Member of the Bombay Psychological Association.
  • Individuals who undergo stress daily and find it hard to deal with it in the right manner, leading to chronic stress and other mental health conditions.
  • Working on making parent-child relationships open and communicative. Helping them find a healthy balance.
  • Helping Individuals lead their own lives, work on their personal growth, along with the social roles they are expected to fulfill.
  • Guiding adolescents and young children who are feeling upset, angry and misunderstood by their peers, family, teachers and other social settings.
  • Helping children and adolescents accept difficulties like ADHD, learning difficulties or a physical concern and finding solutions around it.
  • Working on low-self esteem, body image issues, personal insecurities that hamper the individuals daily functioning and mental health.
  • Working with couples who want to better their relationship, and grow personally as well as a couple.
  • Couples and families aimed at improving their relationships by rebuilding trust, setting boundaries, develop their communication, alleviate their tensions and divergences, decries conflicts and enhancing connection between members.