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Sneha John

Sneha John

Assessments specialist


Sneha John

Sneha John is a UK-trained Psychologist with passion to help people of various age groups in their psychological healing journey. As an integral part of the holistic therapeutic process drawn up by Clinical Psychologists at LifeWorks, Sneha helps with diagnosis by conducting formalised psychometric assessments. Having done her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK, Sneha’s experience in psychometric assessments comes from working with children, parents, young adults and older adults for NHS funded hospitals, mental health rehabilitation centres and de-addiction centres in the UK.

Psychological assessments are helpful to objectively measure the root causes behind such pervasive mental stress.By delivering psychological assessments for people with various concerns, Sneha’s objective is to pick out the best assessment tool that would help clients identify positive aspects within themselves and thereby solve the specific areas of their concern. Moreover, the assessment would also as certain some unhelpful thinking and behaviour styles.

She is passionate about offering standardised psychological assessments to help people address underlying or hidden aspects of their thinking, behaviour and emotions. Her work in the field of psychological assessments has convinced her to believe in the importance of these tools in helping clients monitor their progress over the course of therapeutic process. As clients consider taking a formal assessment, she would work together with them in order to identify the areas that would benefit them.

As they complete the assessment process, clients would gain insight into some of the core issues that may be causing them to feel stressed. The assessment results would aid the clients in taking proactive steps toward incorporating changes to their thinking, emotions and behaviour, which in turn could lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Psycho-educational assessments for children and adolescents on language, reading, achievement and intelligence.
  • Standardised diagnostic assessments to detect autism, ADHD and other behavioural disorders.
  • Neuropsychological assessments to assess overall cognitive development in both children and adults.
  • Neurocognitive assessments for adults to pinpoint memory related concerns or brain-impairments following a brain injury.
  • Risk assessments for children and adults coming in for trauma or related disorders.
  • Personality assessments to diagnose internal psychological disturbances, stressors and conflicts that affect clients’ functioning at personal and professional relationships.


Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of London, London, UK

Bachelor of Psychology with Counselling from Middlesex University, London, UK

Board Certifications or Equivalents

British Psychological Society, UK

Languages Spoken

English, Malayalam and French.